Veni, vidi, vici": declared Caesar, who achieved his victories without the benefit of enormous technical resources.

Of course, we have all the equipment we need to make and edit television reports, pre-production and layout of corporate image films.

With the cooperation of our permanent partners in Strasbourg and Cologne (on line), we are competitive in every way :

  • · corporate reports and portraits, · training films, · industrial and product presentation films

Postproduction :

  • · films (fiction, documentaries), "Take-sync" system in English-German or lip-sync band,
  • · dubbing (off/ lip-sync), all European languages, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese

Equipment :

  • · Betacam SP
  • · digi - Beta
  • · digital effect mixing
  • · DVD - BlueRay HDvideo

New multimedia formats : "the media is the message" (Marshal McLuhan)

  • · CD-ROM · CD-i · CD video (2.0) · DVD · BlueRay DVD format CD ( for durations of 10 to 15 minutes) · VHS

And as presentation is all important these days, we also offer special presentation packs so that you can create just the right impression.