It has been said that a good translation is one that arouses the same impressions in the reader as the original and that the translator must tackle the untranslatable if he is to convey something of the other culture.

How true this is ! The European Union may be sweeping away its political and economic barriers, but the linguistic ones are far from fading away. Quite the reverse - the staggering development in technology and science means new terms are being invented every day.

Translating is the work of experts ; the job of a good translator is to be a mediator, and to do this he must combine the accuracy born of his specific skills with the good style that only the mastery of his own language can guarantee.

The translators who work for Eurotexte translate only into their mother tongue.

And this is just as true for our specialists (German, English, Spanish, French) who work on the translation and synchronisation of film scripts (fiction, documentaries and corporate image films).